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Party Down at Vino 100 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Charles Lloyd Adkins   
Thursday, 09 April 2009 02:57

It starts something like... “Dude, my wife’s birthday is in three weeks and I need a plan.” Of course you start with your buddies who are no help whatsoever.  Usually it’s an idea that resembles your party planning strategy from your early twenties and rather than wine, there’s a keg involved.

That’s out of the question of course so you go to your mother. “Mom, it’s her 40th! It’s got to be spectacular!” “How about that new restaurant on the north end of town” she says.  And so it goes.  A few more calls, a few more boring, overdone, less than exciting ideas are presented and you realize you are not the “entertainment Guru” you thought you were in college. 

 That was me last month. My wife was turning 40 and I had nothin’.  I really needed to score some points.  At this point in life you realize that the only score that truly matters is the one your wife keeps.  About all I can hope for is to stay in the “Good Boy” range.

Well I nailed it.  Alright, I had some help.  My wife’s cousin called and suggested I talk to Chuck and Jen at Vino 100.  I immediately looked them up on the internet and scanned their web page.

I was a little hesitant at first.  Wine tasting as a birthday party?  Turns out I scored big!  My wife ranked her 40th right up there with the time she got her “Baby-That-a-Way” Doll and her Barbie House.

After a few minutes on the phone with Chuck I knew we were in for a treat. He told me I could have our party right there in the tasting room.  Not only was there no charge for the room, he allowed us to cater the event ourselves. He invited us to come in and pick out some wines for our event.

The room was well organized, warm and inviting.  There are several displays throughout the store with just about everything you would need for your own wine tasting. The back wall is covered with a mural of vineyards and farm houses. With a little help we picked out over 10 different bottles and had them set aside for our birthday event

The birthday was a hit. Our friends were able to taste the wines we had picked out and if they wanted to venture from our list, there was a small tasting fee of $7.00 to try the wines Vino 100 featured that night.  Service was provided by Sarah Lawlor and Adam Fiori, both staff of Vino 100 and very knowledgeable winos.

Vino 100 has over 200 wines under $25 with another 75 over $25. There are always bottles open to taste and special tasting events throughout the year. If you like to snack while you taste, Vino 100 features menu items from Yosemite Grill next door.  

Check their website, to see what they are tasting each week and don’t forget the events page for upcoming activities.
Vino 100 is located at:  1528 E. Champlain Dr. #108.  Or you can call:  (559) 434-1771

I have to thank Chuck and Jen Van Fleet for their hospitality and a special thanks to our host and hostess Sarah and Adam.  We will not forget this birthday, nor fumble around for entertainment ideas in the future. If you are in the Fresno area, don’t miss this wine lovers gold mine.

Vino 100 stores are located across the U.S.  To find one in your area, go to

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written by BRYANRoxanne23, July 27, 2011
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written by Rosanne Valenzuela, July 09, 2009
After reading about the birthday party at Vino, I arranged to surprise my husband with a party for his birthday. Everything was fantastic. Had about 25 guests, food catered in from The Market, pastry from Chiffono's, and, of course, the selection of wine was fantastic. There was even beer available for the few non-wine drinkers. Adam did an awesome job serving everyone, and Chuck was the consummate host taking care of all our requests. We've been wine club members for some time and always are made to feel like family! I highly recommend Vino 100 for their class and style!
Wine Club
written by Jeff Hilton, April 29, 2009
Totaly agree we are wine club member and have a group that meets there on wine club week and we all have a great time. Our group keeps growing. You are also so right the staff and owner are great host. Vino100 is also realy good at bringing in wines that you might not find in other stores. You also get great discounts and a club member. We love to order food from Yosemite Ranch, split a bottle of wine or two if there are 3 - 4 of us. Then go next door for a $30 massage. Makes for a great date night. Give it a try.
written by Lisa Alvey, April 16, 2009
Nicely written Chuck. I'll have to check them out.

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