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'The Other' Peirano Estate Vineyards PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Angela Ann   
Wednesday, 08 April 2009 00:00

 Sexy Wines Series

The current installment of our “Sexy Wines” series features another vino grown in the Lodi wine region of Northern-Central California.

This wine is called “The Other.”  The name is short for “This, That and the Other.”  This wine is estate grown by Peirano Estate Vineyards.  The Peirano family has owned and operated their vineyards for over 100 years.

So why is a family winery producing a wine with a scandalous label?  As you can see, the label features a sketch of the naked backside of a very attractive woman.

Peirano’s Marketing Director, Mania Deldar Doucette says they wanted their wine to get noticed on the shelf.  So Peirano was very blatant with its “tastefully seductive” and very successful marketing plan.  “It is our best selling wine,” said Mania.

There’s no mystery why.  The Other, both the red blend and the white blend are very good wines at very affordable prices.  Both wines won top marks at the 2008 Lodi International Wine Awards, which means these wines appeal to many different palate styles.  Click here to find out more about the unique judging at that wine competition.

The Other’s red table wine is an estate grown blend of three reds:  This-60% Cabernet Sauvignon, That- 30% Merlot and The Other-10% Syrah.  

The Other, 2007 Lodi Red Table Wine, Peirano Estate Vineyards, $14.
TASTING NOTES:  One is immediately struck by the vibrant color of this wine. The aromas of blackberries and plums are complemented by spice, toasty oak and cedar notes. Upon washing this liquid across the palate, a wave of sweet black cherries and boysenberries, with a hint of smoky, dark oak lead to a long, totally seductive, finish. A great expression of this variety, this wine will gently knock your socks off. ‘The Other’ is a perfect accompaniment to a variety of cuisine.

The Other has a white wine sister which features:  This-65% Chardonnay, That-25% Sauvignon Blanc and The Other-10% Viognier.

The Other, 2006 Lodi White Wine, Peirano Estate Vineyards, $14.
TASTING NOTES:  One is immediately struck by the vibrant color of this wine. The aromas of apples, pears, tropical fruit, and a whiff of bubble gum are complemented by hints of coconut and vanilla. Lush flavors of fresh ripe pears, apples, tropical fruit and homemade lemon pie lead to a long, totally seductive, finish.

Peirano makes another red wine blend called, “Red Shorts Red.”  The name was inspired by a curious tradition by Lance Randolph (Peirano).  Lance is the fourth generation of the family to run the vineyards.

Apparently Lance puts on red shorts on April 1 of each year.  He wears red shorts until all the grapes in the Lodi-Acampo region are harvested in fall.  I certainly hope Lance owns a lot of red shorts!

Peirano also sells wine under the “Periano Estate Vineyards” label.  These labels are a little more sedate.  On their website, all of their wines sell for $14.

As for me, I think I’m going to tape The Other label on my mirror and use it as inspiration to do butt exercises.

If you would like to visit Peirano, they are located at:  21831 N. Highway 99 (West Frontage Road) Acampo, CA 95220.  

You can also get more information by going to or calling (209) 369-9463.


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written by Louis Zinser, January 09, 2012
I love both varieties but definitely prefer the red. The marketing scheme worked on me. Walking through my local wine shop and the label caught my eye. But when I drank my first glass I fell in love with the wine itself. Would love to know if the art work on the bottles is available somehow for purchase. Love your wine.
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